Frequently asked questions:


Where can I park?

Please park on the driveway whenever possible, pull to one side to allow parking/access for two vehicles. Please enter the driveway very slowly and take care when parking as we have pets. If you do park in Henniker Road, please be mindful of our lovely neighbours & access to their own driveways.  

Do you accept Credit / Debit cards?

Yes I do! Card is my preferred method of payment however no probs at all if you have good old fashioned hard cash.  

Do you have Gift Vouchers?

Yes, I do.  And they look so lovely.  Complete with The Lady Garden branding in lovely bright envelopes.  You can buy them on the 'shop' tab of the website in multiples of £10 but if you'd like them for a specific treatment or amount just let me know and I will do that for you.

What kind of dog is Lily?

Well thank you for asking (nobody asked). She's a soon to be three year old Jackahuahua.  Her mummy was a Jack Russel & her daddy was a Chihuahua.  She's very friendly.  Usually.  Unless it's before lunch time and she's still sleepy.  These times she's best ignored.  


How long does Waxing last?

Depending on the area of body hair, between 4-6 weeks.  


How long does the hair have to be to be waxed?

For areas where Hot Wax is used (face, underarm, bikini line) the hair only need be 2mm long, or roughly the length of a grain of rice.  For larger areas such as leg waxing, Strip Wax is used and ideally hair needs to be longer than 2-3mm. 


What are the advantages of waxing over shaving?

Waxing means less irritation to your skin long term, it doesn’t dry out your skin like regular shaving.  You will be free from unwanted hair for several weeks and the re-growth will be soft and fine unlike the bristly, blunt hair re-growth experienced when shaving.


Does it hurt?

Well, that’s the billion dollar question and really varies from person to person, the area being waxed and sometimes even what time of the month it is.  At The Lady Garden, I only use Lycon Hot Wax which offers a 50% reduction in sensation compared to traditional strip wax due to its composition and the use of pre-waxing oil which acts as a barrier to the skin.  


What should I wear?

Try to wear loose cotton clothing to your treatment.


What to do after your wax treatment:

Apply after after wax lotion or suitable alternative to soothe the area.

Exfoliate the area 4-7 days after the treatment and apply Ingrown-X It to the area daily to prevent Ingrown hairs (available from The Lady Garden).


What NOT to do after your wax treatment:

Do not apply perfumed products to the area for 12-24 hours

Do not apply deodorant for 12-24 hours

Do not have hot baths or showers for 12-24 hours

Do not use a sun bed/sunbathe/use a sauna/go swimming or other exercise for 12-24 hours

Avoid touching the area excessively


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