The Lady Garden is Open!! (almost...)

This is me. And my son. And my little Dog.

Wow, I’m writing my first blog post, I keep pinching myself, this is real!

Ok, I am Sarah and I bring to you… The Lady Garden! I’m excited beyond belief to introduce you to my new business based here at my home in Debenham. The Lady Garden is a waxing, nail, brow & lash salon set in my garden, it is fresh and bright and secluded and I can’t wait to welcome you.

Here’s the ‘who am I’ bit: Well, I’m 43 years old and have spent the largest chunk of my career working in Education. I started as a High school English teacher which I loved, I was in the class room for 12 years before taking a leap to work for the largest awarding body in the country as a Curriculum Advisor and more recently, a Key Account Manager. Over the last two years, I knew I needed a change, my career was no longer a passion, it was a means to an end. I’d lost my spark, was disillusioned by continual education and qualification reform and most significantly, resentful of constant travel and being away from my wonderful son. After a couple of very difficult years and a great deal of support from my wonderful partner, I was in the position to be able to say that my career was no longer making me tick. Months of exploration, fear and uncertainty followed, lots of people supported me (you know who you are) until I finally realised that I needed to go it alone (well, sort of) and do what I loved - meeting lovely people every day and making them feel amazing! That assertion sounds so simple, but it’s from the heart. That’s all I ever wanted to do, and I think why my earlier years in teaching were so rewarding. Believe me, I could go on. Fast forward the best part of a year, I’m no longer a corporate slave but I’m my own lady boss. Woohoo! I’ve studied, trained, been examined and assessed, practised tirelessly, taken advice, been inspired, business coached …. and I’ve never been happier!

I can’t wait to meet new people and make you feel amazing. I’m using the best Lycon Hot Wax and will specialise in Intimate waxing (therein lies another whole blog post coming soon!). I offer gel nails using The Gel Bottle and Bisou Professional, Gel Extensions, Brow shaping, Tinting, Lash Lifts…. There is so much to share with you over the coming months but for now, I must get on and assist with the salon fitting!

Email me, book online, ask me questions, follow me on Instagram – I can’t wait to meet and treat you!

Much love, Sarah x

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