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It’s feels like such a long time since I’ve been in touch, what a strange few months. Of all the things I worried about when opening last September, having to close the business for over 3 months in my first year due to a global pandemic was not something I lost sleep over. Who could possibly have predicted this? All I can think of to level things in my head, is that I’m so fortunate my family and friends are well, and that’s everything to be thankful for.

So, without further ado, I want to get back on track and excited about the future of The Lady Garden. It would appear that I will be able to reopen on Saturday 4th July – fingers crossed! I think we’ve all become used to life being subject to change at any time. The same applies here!

I expect a more comprehensive checklist for Salon’s reopening will be produced soon, there are lots of ‘guidelines’ at the moment but nothing concrete as such. Here are a few of the ways I’m planning on working safely when the 4th July arrives.

· Lockdown meant that we had time to finish the garden door entrance to The Lady Garden. This means that you can come directly into the salon without coming through the house maximising social distancing and meaning fewer contact points.

· I am increasing time between appointments to ensure plenty of time to clean surfaces and equipment as well as to ensure that we only ever have one-to-one contact. Part of my vision for The Lady Garden has always been to only have one client here at a time anyway however occasionally that doesn’t work out (if I talk too much and over-run for example…) I would ask that our new normal when visiting means that all clients come alone, no children please or group appointments for the time being.

· As per my usual protocols, all reusable equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between each client, additionally, nail files and buffers will not be re-used. To minimise waste, you can either take home your nail files or I will sanitise and keep them in a sealed, labelled bag to use on you for your next visit.

· I will wear gloves and a face mask for all treatments and provide a hand sanitising station for you to use before coming in.

I aim to produce a more comprehensive policy over the next few weeks however these are the highlights!

You can now book in online via my website from Saturday 4th July or contact me directly for appointments.

As mentioned, re-opening is subject to change however I am literally counting down the days. I’ve missed everyone very much indeed and cannot wait to see you back here.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you need help with bookings.

Much love,

Sarah xxx

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